Creation 2018 I Length 60 mins

What is Anomaly and what is Perfection?
Can beauty and imperfection become one?

The Dancing Satyr - devoid of arms and a leg, with eyes of white alabaster - dances and keeps dancing despite all its imperfections! The Hellenistic statue inspired choreographer Nunzio Impellizzeri to ask himself how these imperfections can generate so much beauty.
Its beauty does not reflect Classical perfection, but rather the dynamic, illusionistic Baroque compositions that are re-emerging in daily life.

We exist in a present wherein the perception of beauty is in constant flux; in CORPO BAROCCO the choreographer places the body and its expressions - as natural beauty - as the central focus.
In CORPO BAROCCO, the dancers embody a journey in which the defect, the anomaly, and the exception - key concepts in Baroque art - become synonymous with beauty and poetry.



Artistic Direction / Concept and Choreography
Nunzio Impellizzeri
Original Music
Selma Mutal, Tarek Schmidt
Light Design
Marco Policastro
Claudio Costantino, Petr Nedbal, Dario Theiler, Dominik Mall, Jack Widdowson
Stage Design
Nunzio Impellizzeri
Ben Voorhaar & Sabrina Zyla - Karisma Costumes
Theama for Dance
Rehearsal Direction
Irene Andreetto
Technical Direction 
Viktoras Zemeckas
Graphics and Web
MKS, RB engineering
Production Management
Manfred Dachs


"Completely out of the darkness, a choreography of elemental force and archaic, raw power is created: CORPO BAROCCO, conceived and choreographed by Nunzio Impellizzeri. Based on the question of why the imperfect can be so fascinatingly beautiful (see baroque imagery), choreographer Nunzio Impellizzeri develops the 60-minute evening that leaves the audience almost as breathless as the extremely demanding dancers. But during the one hour, one succumbs to a spell, a fascination that one feels almost physically. An intense experience!
★★★★ Kaspar Sannemann (Oper-aktuell)

"In addition to the highly subsidized ballet at the Opera House, Zurich also has a second dance ensemble that deserves attention - the NUNZIO IMPELLIZZERI DANCE COMPANY."
★★★★ Kaspar Sannemann (Oper-aktuell)




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