Nuova Creazione Nunzio Impellizzeri - 2024



Creation 2024 I 

Where does reality end, and where does the imaginary begin? PINK CARPET is a captivating journey through the delicate boundaries between reality and imagination, inspired by Nunzio Impellizzeri's experience with his mother's Alzheimer's. A symbolic pink carpet traces the subtle line between the tangible and the unreal, bringing a deeply cultural and positive charge to human relationships. From a symbol of hope to a bridge between worlds, the show celebrates the unpredictability and depth of existence, urging exploration of the border between reality and imagination with a poetic and intense vision of human complexity.

Immersed in the colour pink, the audience crosses the border between reality and dream, exploring the surreal world of Alzheimer's. The carpet becomes a portal, separating the concrete from the metaphysical. Pink envelops the viewer in a vibrant positive energy.

PINK CARPET offers an inclusive experience that actively involves the audience, interweaving their own stories with those of the artist. Human relationships are revealed through an orchestra of movement and sound, reflecting the richness of being human.

WORLD PREMIERE - 20 November 2024
Kulturhaus Helferei - Zurich

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