Creation 2017 I Length 60 mins

Is the real reason behind the restlessness of our current era due to the fact that we cannot share our private thoughts with one another?
IN.QUIETA ROOMS refers to the two rooms in which Quieta and her husband live. Both suppress the expression of their inner desires and their relationship decays into a meagre routine. Distorted ideas about life and a confusing state between appearance and reality lead the couple into a situation where apparently a way out seems impossible.
In this creation, the choreographer Nunzio Impellizzeri places the focus of his storytelling between obscure dramatic art and emotional, stylistically fascinating scenes.


Artistic Direction / Concept and Choreography
Nunzio Impellizzeri
Original music
Selma Mutal
Irene Andreetto, Antonio Moio
Light Designer
Marco Policastro
Stage / Costumes
Nunzio Impellizzeri
Yves De Pra
Graphics and Web
MKS, RB engineering
Production management
Manfred Dachs


"Conceived and choreographed by Nunzio Impellizzeri, IN.QUIETA ROOMS examines the dialectic between the identity of form and temporality. The dancers’ bodies are blurred figures inside the essential frame of space, light and sound in which they dynamically turn into performance... with remarkable ability of the many tones and gradations of contemporary art".
Michele Olivieri (Dance Promoter, IT / International Dance Council)  

“Nunzio Impellizzeri translates the crux to keep the blazing fire of relationships, into dance.”
Thierry Frochaux, P.S. Zeitung

"...«IN.QUIETA ROOMS» (is) a performance that on one hand does not allow the spectators to lean back comfortably, but instead always captures, arouses curiosity and draws attention: the fine art of choreography".
Bote vom Untersee und Rhein



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