The trailer of SCH.NEE is online!

  Enjoy watching it.

The trailer of SCH.NEE is online!

SCH.NEE is much more than the absence of sound, it is comparable to the magic of a night walk in the first snow.
★★★★ Thierry Frochaux - PS Zeitung

Enjoy watching the trailer of SCH.NEE!

SCH.NEE is a production by Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company in co-production with Kulturmarkt Zurich, M.A.S. Milano and La Sfera Danza Festival, Padova.

Artistic Direction, choreography, lights and costumes Nunzio Impellizzeri | Original Music Tarek Schmidt | Dancers Federica Aventaggiato, Lionel Ah-Sou, Claudio Costantino, Clementine Dumas, Ioar Labat Berrio, Katharina Ludwig | Rehearsal Direction Irene Andreetto | Outside Eye Silvia Scipilliti | Technical Direction Viktoras Zemeckas | Costume Production Theama for Dance | Communication Lorena Amico | Graphics and Web MKS, RB engineering | Production Management Manfred Dachs

Artistic Residency M.A.S. Milano and La Maison des Artistes, Fribourg



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