Nuova Creazione Nunzio Impellizzeri - 2024


Creation 2024 I site specific I Length Loop 10 - 20 mins

Where does reality meet imagination? PINK CARPET is a captivating journey through the delicate boundaries of reality and imagination, celebrating the 10th anniversary of the Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company. Inspired by Nunzio Impellizzeri's experience with his mother's Alzheimer's, a symbolic pink carpet traces the subtle linebetween the tangible and the unreal, from an emblem of hope to a bridge between worlds. The creation celebrates the unpredictability and depth of existence, poetically exploring the boundary between reality and imagination.

Immersed in pink, the audience crosses the line between reality and dream, exploring the complexities of Alzheimer's. The carpet becomes a portal that separates the concrete from the metaphysical, enveloping the audience in vibrant positive energy.

PINK CARPET offers an inclusive experience by actively involving the audience, interweaving their stories with those of the artist. Human relationships unfold through an orchestra of movement and sound, reflecting the richness of the human condition.

WORLD PREMIERE - 20 November 2024
Kulturhaus Helferei - Zurich

Artistic direction and Choreography 
Nunzio Impellizzeri
Maren K. Sauer
Stage and Costume design
Nunzio Impellizzeri 
Costume production
Omar Churqui Luna
Production and Tour management 
Irene Andreetto, Manfred Dachs


A production by Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company in co-production with Kulturhaus Helferei, Zurich and Kulturhaus Villa Sträuli, Winterthur 





  • Kulturhaus Helferei Zurich
  • Villa strauli Winterthur


  • Tanzfest
  • RESO
  • Zurich Tanzt
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