Creation for MARCHEPIED Cie, Lausanne


Creation 2024 I Length 30 mins


In 'CIRCOLANDO' Nunzio Impellizzeri explores the deeper meaning of 'circolando', going beyond the usual definitions.This concept, derived from the Italian verb 'circolare', becomes a cultural mirror that reflects the constant energy of modern life. The dancing of the performers becomes a vibrant choreography, a rhythmic beat that urges us to understand the complexity of contemporary life. The stage becomes a space for bold exploration, a journey through the changes and challenges of our time. To quote Heraclitus: 'In a world where everything is changing, there's nothing you can do permanently except to change yourself' - a thought that resonates in a context that invites us to dance to the accelerated rhythm of this ongoing cultural evolution.

CIRCOLANDO is an invitation to merge with this perpetual current, to actively participate in shaping the unique plot of our lives within an ever-changing social dynamic. An opportunity to immerse oneself in the energy of the moment, shaping the present through a deep understanding of our inseparable connection to the constant movement that defines our contemporary existence.


WORLD PREMIERE - 03 May 2024
ARSENIC, Lausanne

Idea, Costumes and Choreography Nunzio Impellizzeri
in collaboration with the dancers:
Luke Bugeja Gauci, Zoé de Reynier, Jérôme Février, Semina Rizou, Veronica Scanferla

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