NIDC 10 years T-Shirt

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NIDC 10 years T-Shirt

Exclusive Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company 10th Anniversary T-Shirt!

Limited-edition T-Shirt celebrating 10 years of Nunzio Impellizzeri Dance Company and PINK CARPET, our new creation.

This special edition features a sleek black color with double-sided printing.
Available in 4 sizes (S, M, L, XL).
Priced at only 29 CHF + shipping.

To reserve your t-shirt and receive instructions on how to purchase and have it delivered to your home, please send us an email at

Feeling extra generous?
Opt to add a donation to your t-shirt purchase and support our dance company even more. Your generosity makes a huge difference!

Let's keep on dancing together. Order your NIDC 10th Anniversary T-Shirt today!


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